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finding the right vet for your family

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Tips For Bringing Your Cat To The Groomer

Cats groom themselves, it's true. However, what a cat can accomplish with her mouth is often over-estimated. That routine actually serves you and your cat better when it's maintenance between her regular grooming sessions. Take care of your cat's basic grooming at home, and bring her in to the professionals for more in-depth work:

Give Your Cat Paw Massages

If your cat has a scratching post she uses regularly, she may not need her nails clipped too often. However, the downside of that situation is that when her nails do need to be trimmed, she's not accustomed to having her feet touched. Most cats are sensitive about their paws.

To desensitize your cat to paw care, make a habit of giving her regular foot massages. At least once a day, rub your fingertips down her legs to her paws, and gently apply pressure to the pads. According to the ASPCA, this causes her to extend her claws, which is a necessary step for nail clipping. Having her become accustomed to this procedure makes it easier for your groomer to clip her claws.

Get Her Used to Water

Cats don't like water, but they can easily become accustomed to it. If possible, start bathing her when she's still a kitten.

However, even if she's already an adult cat, wipe her down on a regular basis. Dip a soft cloth in warm water, and pet her with it. Make the process as pleasing as possible by waiting until she's relaxed before attempting the "cat bath." Afterwards, give her a treat and tell her what a good cat she was. When it's time for your groomer to give her a full bath, she'll be less fussy.

Teach Her to Enjoy the Road Trip

Most cats aren't like dogs – they don't really like going for a ride in the car. Therefore, unless you travel a lot, your cat's probably not used to going for trips anywhere except the vet. When it's time to take her, whether to the vet or the groomer, give yourself enough time to casually catch her and place her in the carrier. Have the carrier out so she can sniff it over, and wait until she's calm before attempting to catch her. If you chase her around, she'll associate traveling with a negative experience.

When you leave her with the groomer, don't make a big deal of the situation. Talk to her in a calm tone of voice, and pet her, but then leave without dramatics. Cats are very sensitive to vocal tones. When you pick her up, speak in the tone you reserve for her most charming tricks to tell her what a pretty cat she is now. And give her treats when you arrive home.

Preparing your cat for grooming isn't time intensive. It's simply a matter getting her accustomed to the procedures associated with a trip to the groomer – and making them a pleasant experience for your cat.

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