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finding the right vet for your family

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Boarding Your Cat - The Safer Option For Older Pets

There are many reasons why boarding an older cat can be a better alternative than having a pet sitter while you are out of town. Older cats oftentimes need more attention than healthy adult cats, and this needs to be taken into consideration. Here are four reasons why boarding an older cat is a safer option.

1. If Your Cat is on Medications

Older cats might need to have medications administered daily. This might seem simple to you if you are used to it, but this is not something that an everyday pet sitter or neighbor should have to take on. Make sure that your older cat is in a facility that handles this type of care. Boarding facilities with staff on hand that can handle all types of medications, whether this be oral medication or injections, will put you at ease and keep your cat safe. Make sure to have your cat in the hands of professionals if there are medications involved.

2. More Prone to Emergencies

Older cats can have unexpected medical emergencies more so than younger cats. This is something to remember if you're thinking about leaving your cat home alone for longer than a day. Rather than having a pet sitter come once a day, it might be better for your older cat to be under round-the-clock care. There are certified boarding facilities that are designed for taking care of cats and can handle emergencies with veterinary care if they come up.

3. Keeping Your Cat on a Schedule

Older cats tend to have a very strict schedule of their day-to-day routine. You can work with the boarding facility to keep your cat's routine as close to what they're used to at home with a feeding and grooming schedule. This might be better for them than just leaving food out for your cat at home. This can cause cats to overeat and then binge, which can be unsafe for an older cat.

4. Keep Your Cat Social

Older cats can have major anxiety if left alone for a long time. To relieve your older cat of this stress, have them go to a boarding facility where they can have human interaction, be groomed,  and be doted on more so than a pet sitter coming by once a day. This will help with their separation anxiety and keep your older cat active and engaged.

Do your older cat a favor and make sure that they will be well cared for while you are out of town. Have them go to a boarding facility where they can be cared for 24 hours a day so that you don't have to worry about them being home alone. Contact a business like The Pets Place Animal Hospital to find out more.