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What Are AAHA Standards For Pet Hospitals?

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) is the only association that provides standards for pet hospitals. Pet hospitals with AAHA accreditation have to pass hundreds of rules and standards. If they do, then they get the AAHA seal and you get the peace of mind that your pet is in good hands.

Here are some of the most important standards AAHA accredited vet hospitals must fulfill: 

Safe Surgery

The AAHA requires vet hospitals to use monitoring equipment during surgery. The equipment keeps an eye on heart rate, breathing, and other functions. If there is a change during the surgery, the machine alerts the vet that there is a problem so it can be dealt with immediately. This might seem like an obvious addition to all vet offices, but there are no laws or rules that require it. Only AAHA accredited vets will have it.

Surgery Rules

Besides monitoring equipment, an AAHA accredited vet must follow many rules during surgery to guarantee your pet's safety and raise chances of survival. Some of the rules include a thorough examination before the surgery to make sure your pet is able to handle the surgery without problems, special surgery rooms that are meticulously cleaned to prevent cross contamination, and vets and assistants must wear surgery coats, gloves, and masks.

Emergency Plan

Just like an emergency room is ready to deal with patients that rush in for help, your vet clinic should be just as ready for a pet that rushes in for help. Let's say your dog was hit by a car and needs immediate care. An AAHA vet hospital will be ready for your dog as soon as you enter the door. Standards require the vet clinic to have a plan set for emergencies that include the employee at the front desk immediately taking control and getting your dog to a special room that is already prepared with necessary emergency equipment and medication.

Contagious Diseases

The AAHA has standards that help to prevent the sharing of contagious diseases. One of the standards requires a special room for only pets with the same contagious disease. It also includes a special examining room separate from the others. If a pet comes in the office with symptoms of a contagious disease then he will be treated in that special room. Pets without contagious diseases are not treated in that room at all.

pet hospital is an important location if you want to keep your animal friends happy and healthy for a long time.