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finding the right vet for your family

Do you have furry, feathered or scaly family members that you care for? Being a pet lover comes with so many added responsibilities. Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a collection of pets that I simply adored. Now, my kids are the ones with the animal friends that they adore. Each of these pets must be seen by a vet at some point, so it was important that I find a vet that would provide care for all of their little friends. It was difficult to find just what I was looking for in a vet, but eventually, I did. My site is filled with advice for helping you find the perfect vet for the animal members of your family.



Pros And Cons Of A Pet Wellness Plan

Your pet's health is important to you. Part of ensuring your pet's health is optimal is taking it to the vet on a regular basis for checkups. To help defray some of the costs associated with your pet's health care, you should consider a pet wellness plan. 

What Is a Pet Wellness Plan?

A pet wellness plan is basically health insurance for animals. As part of the plan, your pet can receive discounted or free health examinations, vaccinations, blood tests, and teeth cleanings. Just like your health insurance, you pay a sign-up fee and then make monthly premium payments. The idea behind a pet wellness plan is to take a more proactive approach to your pet's health than waiting for a medical crisis to happen. Regular checkups increases the chances that medical problems are detected before they get worse. 

What Are the Benefits of a Plan?

For many pet owners, the benefits of a pet wellness plan cannot be understated. When your pet is enrolled in a plan, you can receive considerable savings on health care and in some instances, unlimited visits to the veterinarian for care. In the event that an emergency occurs, your pet can receive the care that it needs without you worrying how you can afford the bill. 

Another bonus to a pet wellness plan is that the amount that you pay tends to vary based on different factors, such as the pet's breed and species. If you have several pets, this can work in your favor because you can receive lower premiums for certain animals. 

Some plans even offer customers a chance to customize the wellness plans. By adding on features that you need or like for your pet, such as parasite prevention, you can help your pet receive the proactive care it needs to stay healthy.

What Are the Disadvantages?

Although there are a lot of great reasons to sign your pet up for a wellness plan, there is a disadvantage you should consider. Some plans do not cover pre-existing conditions. However, if you secure coverage for your pet when it is young, you can possibly ensure that it has coverage before the development of a major medical condition, which means you can still take advantage of the plan benefits. 

Whether or not you sign your pet up for a pet wellness plan is entirely up to you. However, with the plan in place, your pet can receive the care it needs.