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finding the right vet for your family

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Clever Ways To Get Your Cat To Exercise For Their Health

If your cat stays indoors or tends to be on the sedentary side, it is up to you to get creative with their exercise routine. Your vet might offer warnings against feline obesity which can cause secondary illnesses such as diabetes and a fatty liver. Here are four clever ways to get your cat the exercise they need to stay healthy.

1. Rotate Toys

If the same toys are in your cat's play area or in their toy bin, these will just start to blend in with the background. If you can rotate their toys by hiding some away from your cat, within a month or even a week these will be new and exciting again. By keeping their toys fresh, your cat will be more apt to play with these when they are reintroduced.

2. Try Out Different Types of Play

Different cats enjoy different types of play that reminds them of hunting. Cats might have come from ancestors that hunted birds, snakes, or mice. Not all cats hunt the same, so find out what gets your cat moving. Feathers on a string, long slithery fabric toys, or smaller fast moving toys on the ground should all be introduced to your cat. Once you know what gets them excited you can incorporate more of these specific toys.

3. Make Sure Your Space has Flow

If you have an indoor cat, It is important that they have the space to run and move throughout your home. This can be achieved with shelving they can access, or by situating furniture in a way that cats can run in a circle. This is helpful for two cats as well so that they can play chase and not get in trouble; knowing designated areas are designed for them.

4. Designate Times for Play

If you work all day and your cat is home alone quite a bit, it is important that you designate a few minutes in the morning and evening to play with your cat. If this time scheduled, it will help you remember to incorporate time with your cat into your day. Once this is a routine, your cat will remind you when it is playtime as well.

If your cat truly needs to go on a diet, be sure to consult with your veterinarian, such as Northside Emergency Pet Clinic, about a diet plan that might involve augmenting your cat's food as well. Anything that you can do to get your cat moving, the better off they will be in in the long run. Your cat deserves a long, healthy life, so do what you can to ensure this.