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5 Ways To Get Your Puppy Ready For Grooming In The Future

Grooming is an essential part of keeping your puppy healthy and happy, but it can often be hard to do on your own and may require the expertise of a professional. While a professional dog groomer will be able to take care of brushing, bathing, teeth cleaning, and other grooming services, you could be making their job harder if your puppy does not know how to behave. Along with basic training such as stay and sit, make sure to include the following things in their training so that they are perfect while being groomed.

Get Them Used to Taking a Bath

You will want your dog to sit still while being bathed, especially if you plan on bringing them to the dog beach or park where they have a hose to clean them off before bringing them home. If your puppy cannot sit still to be bathed, it can make a huge mess. To help them stay calm, start with basic commands such as 'sit' when being hosed off and be sure to reward them when they remain still.

Brush Them on a Regular Basis

Even if your puppy has short hair, taking the time to brush them on a daily basis will get them used to having hands on them. For long-haired breeds such as border collies and golden retrievers, it is even more important to get them used to brushing when they are young since they will need regular brushing throughout their life to avoid matting and tangles.

When you introduce brushing to your puppy, make sure to include their feet, stomach, and neck since these are areas your dog may be uncomfortable with having touched if they are not introduced young.

Introduce Teeth Brushing

While it may be difficult to keep your puppy still due to the amount of energy they have, it is the ideal time to introduce them to dental care. Brushing your dog's teeth will prevent plaque buildup and gingivitis—two problems that can even lead to life-threatening issues such as liver and heart disease. To get your puppy familiar with teeth brushing, start with using a finger brush and use dog-safe toothpaste with a pleasant flavor. 

Go Walking to Keep Nails Down

An easy way to keep your puppy's nails trimmed short is by taking daily walks on concrete. The sidewalk or street will help to keep their nail length down, increasing the time between needing nail trims.

Teach Your Dog to Hold Still and Handle Restraint

Teaching your dog to stay still may seem impossible if they can barely stay calm for a few minutes, but it can be trained if you start when they are young. Start by holding them gently and waiting until they relax before giving a treat. Trying this restraint game a few times a day will teach them how to stay calm so that grooming can be done without a struggle.

With the above techniques introduced to your puppy when they are young, you will make the groomer's job easier and avoid problems with them when being groomed. For more information about grooming, contact a veterinarian such as Murrells Inlet Veterinary Hospital.