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finding the right vet for your family

Do you have furry, feathered or scaly family members that you care for? Being a pet lover comes with so many added responsibilities. Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a collection of pets that I simply adored. Now, my kids are the ones with the animal friends that they adore. Each of these pets must be seen by a vet at some point, so it was important that I find a vet that would provide care for all of their little friends. It was difficult to find just what I was looking for in a vet, but eventually, I did. My site is filled with advice for helping you find the perfect vet for the animal members of your family.



A Few Signs That You Should Probably Take Your Pet To A Specialist

As a pet owner, you probably have a regular veterinary clinic you use when your pet gets ill, or when it is time for vaccinations. The veterinarian there is licensed, certified, and has the medical history of your pet on file. In most situations this is all you will ever need. You are comfortable with the clinic, the vet, and the people who work there. This is a good thing unless the situation warrants a specialist. While your vet will probably refer you to a specialist if the situation is bad, there may be times when you should seek one out on your own. Here are just a few times you should do so.

Legal Issues

Anytime you are involved in a legal issue that has to do with your pet, it is best to have a veterinary specialist look over your pet and the legal paperwork. This could mean you seek out a behavior specialist if you are being sued due to something the animal did, or perhaps a dermatologist if your pet has developed a rash or infection after a trip to the groomer.

Specific Diseases

If your vet tells you that your pet has cancer, heart problems, or requires major surgery, you may want to seek out a specialist. While your normal vet may be able to handle the situation, it is a good idea to at least get a second opinion, such as from Explain to the specialist what your regular vet has said, and how he or she plans to proceed. If the specialist agrees, you can go back to your normal clinic feeling confident everything will be alright. If the specialist has other suggestions, you can have the two doctors work together, or choose which treatment plan you feel most comfortable with.

Unresolved Problem

Sometimes, your veterinarian cannot seem to get a handle on a medical problem. If your pet has been seen three times in a short period of time, and the situation is not getting any better, it is time to seek out a specialist. You should speak with your regular vet to find out what type of specialist would be best, and ask if he or she has any recommendations.

Veterinarians do what they do because they have a love for animals. Do not feel you are "cheating" on your regular vet if you decide to seek out a specialist. In fact, it would be best if you discussed it with your regular vet and then had the two of them work together to provide the best possible care for your animal. After all, that is the goal of everyone involved.