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finding the right vet for your family

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Natural Food Items That Will Assist With Keeping Your Dog's Teeth Clean And Plaque-Free

After your dog has their teeth examined and cleaned by a licensed veterinarian, use the following natural food items to assist with keeping their teeth clean and plaque-free. As a result, your pet may receive glowing reviews when you take them to their next dental appointment and may not need to undergo any extensive procedures in order to maintain healthy teeth throughout their life.

Deer And Moose Antlers

Deer and moose antlers are made out of bone and can be digested by any dog breed. The hardness of the antlers will scrape against the surface of teeth, removing buildup from them that could cause tooth decay. Antlers come in many sizes and are sold by pet stores worldwide. Give an antler to your pet whenever you would like to treat them to a special snack or if you notice that their teeth have a dingy appearance.

Homemade Fruit And Kibble Treats

Make homemade treats for your dog that will promote healthy teeth by chopping up a couple firm fruits, such as apples or pears, and mixing them with kibble and a small amount of water. Once the ingredients are well blended, form them into flat discs and place them on a lightly greased baking tray. Bake the treats until the edge of each one turns golden brown. The firm fruits that were used as one of the ingredients will scrub away dirty residue from the surface of your pet's teeth. The snacks are healthy and can be given to your pet on a regular basis.

Raw Vegetables Mixed With Standard Food

Add some raw vegetable slices to wet or dry dog food to provide your dog with a delicious meal that will keep the condition of their teeth in great shape. Choose hard vegetables, such as cucumbers, carrots, or celery and rinse them off with water. Afterward, slice each one into thin pieces. Mix the vegetables with a type of dog food that your pet prefers. As your pet consumes the food, particles won't be likely to stick to their teeth since the crunchy vegetable pieces will counteract them from doing so.

Any or all of these food items can be given to your dog whenever you would like to maintain or improve the appearance of their teeth. The healthy snack and food items will not only promote oral health but will also assist with a long, healthy life for your pet. For more information, consider contacting a dog dentist like those at the Kenmore Veterinary Hospital.