finding the right vet for your familyfinding the right vet for your family

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finding the right vet for your family

Do you have furry, feathered or scaly family members that you care for? Being a pet lover comes with so many added responsibilities. Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a collection of pets that I simply adored. Now, my kids are the ones with the animal friends that they adore. Each of these pets must be seen by a vet at some point, so it was important that I find a vet that would provide care for all of their little friends. It was difficult to find just what I was looking for in a vet, but eventually, I did. My site is filled with advice for helping you find the perfect vet for the animal members of your family.



3 Ways To Find A Great Dog Breeder

Are you looking for puppies for sale? While it might be possible to find one at the local dog pound, more and more people these days are looking for local dog breeders so they can get the exact breed of dog that they want. But obviously, not all dog breeders are going to be the same. To ensure you get a puppy that meets your expectations, you'll want to take steps to make sure you find the right dog breeder for you. Read More 

Is Your Dog Pregnant? Head To Your Veterinarian For An Ultrasound To Be Sure

Your dog slipped out the door and went on a little unsupervised adventure. No big deal, usually, but in this case she may be in heat. If you don't get to the veterinarian in time for the canine version of the "morning after" pill, there may be puppies in your future. You could just keep an eye on your dog for the next couple of months to see if she's getting a bit tubby. Read More 

Natural Food Items That Will Assist With Keeping Your Dog’s Teeth Clean And Plaque-Free

After your dog has their teeth examined and cleaned by a licensed veterinarian, use the following natural food items to assist with keeping their teeth clean and plaque-free. As a result, your pet may receive glowing reviews when you take them to their next dental appointment and may not need to undergo any extensive procedures in order to maintain healthy teeth throughout their life. Deer And Moose Antlers Deer and moose antlers are made out of bone and can be digested by any dog breed. Read More 

Doggy Want You to Stay? 3 Ways to Help Your Pooch Overcome Separation Anxiety

If your dog is disruptive when you're gone, it might not be a behavior problem that has them acting up. Your dog could be suffering from separation anxiety. If you think that separation anxiety is a condition that affects only humans, you'd be wrong. Unfortunately, your four-legged family members can suffer from the debilitating condition too. Some of the behaviors that may be exhibited if your dog suffers from separation anxiety include Read More 

2 Tips For Calming Your Dog Before Their Biopsy Procedure For A Ringworm

Dogs often lead a very active lifestyle that exposes them to a number of things. This includes bacterial infections like ringworms. If your dog develops ringworm, then you may automatically notice changes in their skin. They may begin to suffer from hyperpigmentation, redness, and itchiness. Therefore, a common step for treating a ringworm in dogs involves taking a skin biopsy. The biopsy allows your vet to get a better idea of the extent of your pet's infection. Read More