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2 Tips For Calming Your Dog Before Their Biopsy Procedure For A Ringworm

Dogs often lead a very active lifestyle that exposes them to a number of things. This includes bacterial infections like ringworms. If your dog develops ringworm, then you may automatically notice changes in their skin. They may begin to suffer from hyperpigmentation, redness, and itchiness. Therefore, a common step for treating a ringworm in dogs involves taking a skin biopsy. The biopsy allows your vet to get a better idea of the extent of your pet's infection. The procedure involves removing tissue from your dog's skin. For many pets, this can be alarming and stressful. In order for the procedure to go as smooth as possible, it is important to keep your dog calm. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can use to calm your dog before taking them into the vet's office to get their biopsy for their ringworm.

Give Your Dog a Massage Before the Procedure

Massages are commonly used on people in order to help alleviate stress and sore muscles. However, the treatment can also be used on dogs. A good massage helps to improve circulation throughout your pet's body while relaxing and calming them. Perform the massage at least an hour ahead of your scheduled appointment. A relaxing massage can be performed on your dog by using your palm to gently stroke their head and neck. Start from their head and move your hand along their spine towards their tail. Avoid applying too much pressure in one area. Carry out the massage for at least fifteen minutes or until your dog begins to show signs of calming down.

Take Your Dog for a Run Before the Procedure

Good physical exercise is not only a good way to keep your dog healthy, but it also helps your dog to relieve stress. Dogs build up an enormous of stress when they are experiencing emotions like nervousness and fear. A trip to the vet's office can make your dog quickly feel tense and uncomfortable. In order to calm them down, you should take them out for a run before their appointment. A good fifteen-minute run will help to relieve this stress and get their body to relax. Try to perform the run at least thirty minutes before your appointment with the vet. 

Taking your dog to the vet's office for a biopsy can make them extremely stressed out. Therefore, use these tips to help calm them before the procedure. For more information, consider contacting a veterinarian, like those at Seattle Emergency Veterinary Hospital.